We recycle bicycles to reduce the volume of bikes going to landfill and increasing environmental awareness.

We do not financially profit from bike recycling in any way so where possible we would ask that bikes be dropped into us.  However we will collect from Celbridge and surrounding areas for a small charge to cover costs.

Bikes that cannot be refurbished will be stripped for parts and the remainder recycled responsibly.

We have partnered with Recycle IT to recycle unusable frames, wheels, metal parts etc.

Boxes, packaging etc are given to one of our Irish distributors and reused/recycled by them.

We do not recycle scooters, go-karts, flikrs or childrens bicycles under a 20 inch wheel size. 

Because of the the rising costs of fuel and a new charge of €1 + 13% VAT per bicycle tyre we are forced to charged €5 for each bike we recycle. But bikes than be up-cycled are exempt from the charge.

For more information please contact us.