Rather than your old or unwanted bike going  in a skip and ending up in landfill, let Preloved Bikes recycle it responsibly for you.

We recycle your bikes for free and the costs involved are covered by Preloved Bikes. We are not funded in any way and we cannot accept donations for the recycling service.

Bicycles left in to us for recycling may be used for parts or up-cycled. In some cases bicycles will be given to charity.  All unused metal and plastic components are recycled responsibly.

We ask that you send some current photos of the bicycle that you wish to recycle before we can decide if we can recycle it. We will not accept bicycles without prior contact.


Because of the costs involved in recycling bicycles we can no longer take scooters, karts, flikrs or bikes under a 20 inch wheel.

We no longer offer a collection service. Once prior arrangement is made with us all bikes must be dropped in to Preloved Bikes.

Thank You For Recycling Responsibly.