Rear carrier bag Extend TRUNKER


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Travel bag with a large capacity of up to 20 liters with a rear bicycle carrier fitted with side panels . 

• 1 main storage space of about 10 liters with internal padding and opening with a double-way zip 
• 2 detachable padded inside velcro fasteners for easier organizing of contents 
• Upper opening opening is made from the inside with a large mesh pocket with a classic zipper 
• at the top the side of the bag is an elastic rope with a pull-out patent for the storage of clothing or other items 
volume can be expanded by opening 36 x 24 x 6 cm side bags and 2 x 5 liters capacity to a total useful volume of up to 20 liters
• Besides side bags, the bag is also equipped with hidden Velcro fastener pockets between the main compartment and the side panels bags
• attaching the bag to the loading area of ​​the carrier using 4 Velcro straps from the underside and 1 securing strap with a plastic buckle / clip on the front – attaching to the saddle saddle / saddle post. 
• When unpacked side bags have to be fitted, both bags on the side structure of the carrierwith additional Velcro straps
• The bag comes with a removable shoulder strap 38 mm wide with plastic hoods at the ends 
• Rear tab serves as a safety tailgate 
• Reflective ribbons at the back and side of the bag to increase road visibility 
• Reflective logos Extend 
• material: polyester 600D with waterproof inner sack + Nylon 210D lining + PE foam 
• dimensions: 40 x 24 x 22 cm (without unpacked side bags) / 40 x 24 x 50 cm (with unpacked side bags) 
• weight: 1060 g