MET Stradivarius HES Matt black L 59-62 cm


Revolutionary building one of the top road MET models with design In-Mold offers a complete perfection. High security, excellent weight, excellent ability to absorb shock … This all-in-one model – Stradivarius HES. Exceptional and unique is the construction of HES (homothetic Embedded Skeleton – two separate parts skeletons, which are partially inserted into each other, making the pressure on impact spread over the entire surface of the helmet). Safe-T Smart – lightweight rotary system adjustable helmet with additional vertical adjustment, built-in ultra-light fastening straps Air Lite polyester fibers with anti-pinch the skin to buckle, reflective sticker on the back of the helmet, gel lining Gel 02 ™ (front + inside) , the cooling factor 9 (1 bad – very good 10), the contact surface 20% (the lower the better ventilation). Weight: 255 grams.

Air Lite strips
Recessed Air Lite strips are made revolutionary method of weaving polyester fibers, making it very sweat and provide high tensile strength at low weight.
In the event of a collision act on the straps in the lashing points tremendous tensile forces. The fact that the strips are embedded in polystyrene filler and are fastened to the top of the helmet means that the tractive forces acting on the strips are evenly distributed.


HES Construction
In the event of interference with helmets pressure to ground helmets uneven, more or less, in fact, most of the pressure is concentrated in a limited area.
Thanks to the even distribution of the HES design (homothetic embedded Skeleton) comprising a core rovnoľahlé established in the back of the helmet, the internal pressure of the affected area, press spread the total body of the helmet.


In-mold construction
In-mold construction consists of an outer polycarbonate, which is injected at high temperatures to normally gray or black polystyrene.
Thanks to the intelligent Fusion treatment process, the density of the material used varies according to the characteristics of each model helmet.
The result is a helmet that offers an optimal ratio between weight, volume and absorption properties.


Safe-T Smart
Rear clamping system, which is intended to ensure that the helmet fits securely on your head.
Control disc in the back of the helmet for easy adjustment with one hand. The internal mechanism is designed for accurate and reliable setup. Safe-T Smart also allows precise height adjustment of the helmet fit comfortably on the head.
Thanks wider and easier contact surface pressure is exerted on the head evenly distributed and thus provides greater comfort.


Coolmax lining
Antibacterial lining of the high-tech material ensures rapid removal of sweat and evaporation, which keeps your head dry and so brings comfort.


Lining Gel O2
This hypoallergenic, antibacterial and thermo-stabilizing material was originally designed for medical care.
Gel O2 (polyurethane morpho-gel) keeps the helmet comfortably in place due to its natural ability to shape and adapt.
Instead of absorbing perspiration him front liner directs the sides of the face and thus keeps the head cool, which is a key factor, not only for comfort but also for performance riders.
Lining is washable.