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Professional Cycle Computer with GPS for your services – this is the new Edge® 520! A new level of equipment for riding and trekking throughout the year on a road and mountain bike with a profile for stationary training and support STRAVA live segments The Edge® 520 is equipped with EDGE 500 series cyclists and offers a whole new user interface (+ button control) and the use of on-line services (LiveTracking, Widget with Weather, Smart Notifications, and more).

Edge® 520 offers new customization options for display settings. Depending on the type of activity (training, race) you have the option to define your own profiles that suit not only the activity but also the type of bicycle. High battery life of up to 15 hours, GLONASS reception and Bluetooth connectivity to make online services available as standard. 

• Display – bright, color 2.3 “LCD screen with high resolution (200 x 265) and anti-reflective surface • Clearly readable in every light 
• Waterproof IPX7 – ride in every weather … Edge® 520 cyclone is rain resistant , snow, sweat and so on.
• The device is compatible with optional HR PREMIUM, Speed ​​& Cadence and Vector ™ Sensors (not included). The Edge® 520 also allows the use of a handy remote Edge Remote, which also connects with ANT +. 
• Rechargeable battery – powered by rechargeable lithium – ion battery lasts up to 15 hours. 
• Sensitive GPS – Integrated receiver with simultaneous reception of signals from GPS + GLONASS (adjustable). This will give you reliable and accurate information about the distance and tempo even in more demanding conditions (in the woods, valleys, buildings, etc.). 
• SK menu – the Slovak market is a device supplied with full support – control in Slovak, user’s manual in the Slovak language.
• PC Connection – Easily connect your device to your PC / Mac via a USB cable and browse, analyze, edit and share your data through the free Garmin Connect application. 
• Virtual Partner – Virtual Partner® is a feature that helps you keep up and meet your goals (set pace, distance, speed, etc.). 
• Advanced training – Create a training plan for simple, interval or advanced training, and Edge® 520 will guide you around the circuit …
• Bluetooth connectivity – The Edgeо 520 series also offers Bluetooth-enabled communication features with a compatible smartphone (iOS, Android). After pairing with a compatible smartphone that uses the free Garmin Connect ™ Mobile app for Android devices as well as Apple devices. With this feature, you can use live tracking, recording activity right after it ends, and a widget with weather information on the route. 
• Altimeter – a barometric altimeter keeps the data on the display more accurate than ever before. You can see total climb, drop, height, or elevation.
• VO2 max. – Edge® 520 can also be used to calculate the estimated VO2 max for cycling. VO2 max. is one of the best indicators of aerobic endurance – maximum use of oxygen. VO2 Max indicates the volume of consumed oxygen in milliliters per kilogram body weight per minute. Generally: The higher the number, the more oxygen gets into your muscles and the result is a faster and longer ride or other activity. Function for estimation of VO2 max. is provided and supported by Firstbeat® Technologies Ltd and a wattmeter> Vector <is attached to the availability of the calculation.
• smartphone notification – when you connect the Edge® 520 via Bluetooth to your smartphone, you get the opportunity to display discreet notifications for incoming calls and sms – smart notifications. The Smartphone can be put in a rucksack and you will always have a look at incoming calls and other communication. 

Package Contents: EDGE 520 Cycle Computer, 2x bike holder (standard), extended bracket (elongated), safety strap, USB cable, manual and quick start guide in english + bonus: coupon for a 30 day free trial PREMIUM STORAGE use STRAVA live segments)