Preloved Bikes Leisure Cycling Group

Preloved Bikes Leisure Cycling Group is for people who want to get out on their bikes for leisurely spins. No pressure, no set distance and no set speed. At the moment we are running 2 groups. An under 10km spin and a 20+km spin so hopefully this caters for everyone at the moment.

Spins are short and will break approx half way.

Details of our spins will announced on our WhatsApp group and in our Facebook group.(Both groups are over 18’s only)

The group is all about like minded people connecting and getting out on their bikes.



You must wear a helmet. Your helmet must be in good condition and be a proper fit.


Your bike MUST be road worthy and safe to cycle.

Lights are REQUIRED for evening cycles.

You should know the rules of the road and be able to cycle on public roads. We do try stick to quiet roads and cycle lanes where possible.

There will be a sign on sheet at the start of every spin where you will fill in your contact details and ICE (in case of emergency) details. This MUST be filled in by all participants.


Carry at least one spare tube and be able to change it (or make sure someone in the group can).

Check your chain is oiled.
Check your tyres at recommended pressure before each spin.
Check your brakes and gears working properly before each spin.
Check your bike is correctly adjusted to your height and reach.

If you need your bike checked over Preloved Bikes will do this for free. Preloved Bikes will also give discounts on repairs and sales to group members.

CLOTHING: Cycling gear is recommended but not totally necessary as the spins will not be great distances. You should be safe and comfortable in what you wear. Wear light coloured clothes, hi visibility clothing or a hi vis vest is highly recommended. (There will be some Hi Vis Vests available to borrow from the Preloved Bikes van prior to starting the spin)
Bring a lightweight rain jacket. You never know when it’s going to rain 🙂
Carry a bottle of water and snacks with you.

Other than what you decide to spend on your bike and equipment there is no cost involved in our group spins whatsoever.

Depending on the group and spin there will be a break during the spin for refreshments and a chat so bring a few euro for a cuppa and a cake.

Children are more than welcome on the under 10km spins but as with the rest of us should know the rules of the road, have a roadworthy bike, a proper fitting helmet in good condition and be able to keep up with the adults. In the case of small kids and toddlers they should be in a child seat with proper safety harness and helmet on. Also keep in mind that kids in child seats are not peddling a bike so they will get cold. Please wrap them up well. Children up to the age of 18 are the sole responsibility of their parents/guardians and should be closely supervised. As with the adults NO HELMET – NO CYCLE.

We are NOT a cycling club and are purely an amateur leisure cycling group. Attendance is purely at your own risk. Preloved Bikes and spin organizers are not  responsible for you or your bike at any time. If you wish cycling insurance can be purchased from Cycling Ireland.

Once you have read and understood the rules and recommendations on this page click HERE for our Facebook group.

Click HERE to contact us about joining or if you have any questions.

Click HERE for our Strava group.

We also have a Whats App group that you can join once you have cycled with us.

Please note that the group is for leisure only and not competition. A relaxed pace will be taken and stops will be made if anyone needs to stop.