We also offer special programs for your organisation or community wishing to purchase a fleet of bicycles.

Because I deal directly with the factory I have the capacity to fulfil any order size. I will help you design and build corporate branded bicycles from just 1 to as many as you require. And any type of bike from a childs balance bike to an e-bike.

You will have discounted prices for bulk orders as well as maintenance and servicing for the fleet of bicycles.

What can a fleet of bikes do for you?

Fleet bicycles benefit employees and companies in many ways.

Some examples include reducing the need for car spaces, costs associated with owning a car, encouraging environmental awareness and yielding the health benefits associated with cycling.

Corporate Advertising

As with your company vans cars or trucks corporate bikes can also be customised to include your organisation or business logo to be used for advertising.

Corporate bikes bearing a company logo may also be used as prizes for competitions or awards.