About Bike To Work

The Bike to Work Scheme is the cheapest way to buy a new bike. This tax incentive scheme is designed to encourage more people to get on their bikes and cycle to work!

Tax Benefits

Are you aware that you can save up to 51% off the price of a new bicycle & accessories up to a maximum cost of €1,000 under the Bike to Work Scheme?

Health Benefits

Cycling is a great form of exercise and by cycling to work, you’ll make sure you stay active and get good exercise everyday without using up any more of your valuable time. Cycling keeps you fit, it’s fast, cheap and reliable – and it’s great for the environment.

How to participate?

Once your employer decides to take part, they simply pay for the bike and equipment of your choice on your behalf, and off you go. Your Employer will inform you how the payment will work exactly, whether they buy the bike outright or it operates under a “salary sacrifice” arrangement, but either way you save on Tax!

It is quick & easy to participate in the scheme. There are no Government forms to fill out. However, your employer does have to maintain the normal records such as invoices and payment details associated with buying the bike.


Save up to 51% on Bikes & Accessories

Employees make a saving of up to 51% depending on tax rate, making it easily the cheapest way to buy a bike.

Health Benefits

Cycling is a great form of exercise and by cycling to work you will:

  • Feel Happier
  • Live Longer
  • Travel Cheaper
  • Loose weight
  • Save the planet

5 Year eligbility

If you availed of the Bike to Work scheme 5 years or more ago then you are eligible to re-apply for the scheme.

For more information please feel free to contact me

Please Note: Goods ordered under the bike to work scheme will not be released until payment is received. Should an item become out of stock at Preloved Bikes or our supplier during the processing of the Bike to Work application, a refund through Bike to Work or an alternative item of same or similar value and specification may be offered. Unless a deposit is paid items can not be held.