Bikes For Barnardos

From day one we have collected unwanted bikes, repaired them and donated them to different local and national causes. Barnardos receive most of our recycled childrens bikes.

We repair all bikes for Barnardos donated by you.

We currently work on a ‘wishlist’ basis with Barnardos where they will let us know what bikes they need and we try with your help to fill that list.

We would like to see as many deserving kids and families as possible get bikes so if you have unwanted bikes that you would like us to fix up and pass on to Barnardos or you would like to sponsor a bike for Barnardos then please contact us.


We collect old or unwanted bikes for recycling. Barnardos generally only request kids bikes but in some cases there may be the need for larger bikes for teenagers or parents for getting to school etc.

Recycled bikes are either used for parts or repaired to a safe, roadworthy condition. Some of the bikes collected are repaired and sold but the profit from these sales is only used to fund repairs for our Bikes For Barnardos.

IN SHORT:  When you give us a bike for Barnardos, either the bike, parts from the bike or the proceeds from the sale of the bike will go to repairing bikes for Barnardos. Surplus bikes donated to us for Barnardos are donated to other charities or good causes.