Refurbished & Recycled Bikes:

All preloved bikes are donated or traded in.

They come in a variety of states and I check them over and fix anything I find that needs repair. Some bikes are used for parts and unfortunately some bikes end up being recycled in other ways. All the bikes are fully serviced and given a detailed safety check. If you aren’t happy with a bike I’ve sold you then you can return it in the condition I sold it and you will be offered a replacement or your money back.

I try and sell the bikes at affordable prices. As well as preventing unwanted bikes becoming scrap, I also want to promote cycling locally as a practical and affordable means of transport.

How to buy:

There are bikes of most shapes and sizes to browse. I have a list on the website that are ready to go but others can be ordered from my ‘pending’ pile and I get it ready as soon as possible for you. If you know your stuff about bikes I can also sell you a bike of your choosing from the ‘pending’ pile (and the parts needed to fix it where possible). Contact me to find out if we have something that meets your needs or drop in and browse when I am open.

Payments can be made with cash, credit/debit card, Android pay, Apple Pay or through PayPal. Bikes can be purchased online and a deposit will hold a bike for you.

Typical prices for bikes vary but bikes are always priced to cover whatever has been put into them to make them safe and reliable. And of course prices are kept as low as possible.

Trade Ins:

Donated bikes and trade-ins are always welcome but please understand because of the nature of how I work the trade in allowance on a second bike can not be any more than 25% of the bike you are trading in against. So if your trade in bike is good condition and is safe and roadworthy please consider getting it a new home through one of the many buy and sell mediums available so you get the best value for your bike. You might even find it cheaper to repair your bike than it is to replace it so price around your local bike shops (and me of course) before deciding what is best for you.

About Me:

I work full time and repair/refurbish/recycle bikes in my spare time so I’m mostly available evenings and weekends which seems to suit a lot of my customers so far. Preloved bikes is a registered business and is VAT registered so business inquiries are as welcome as individual inquiries.

My Vision:

Bringing unwanted bikes that would otherwise be scrapped back to life to become good basic transport at affordable prices.

Providing cheap transport in the form of safe and reliable bikes to promote cycling locally.

Sharing bike maintenance skills.

Building a community of like- minded people.

I will be running events to promote cycling and sell fixed up bikes (hopefully)

What I do is a passion and I love to see unwanted bikes getting a new lease of life. Hence I don’t compete with local bike shops with what I do.

I am a qualified bike mechanic and I do offer a limited repair service.

Thank You:

And last but certainly not least…I would like to thank everyone who donates, trades in or purchases bikes from me. Your ongoing support is what keeps Preloved Bikes going. Thank You.