Preloved Bikes is an Irish owned family run business based in the heart of one of County Kildares finest heritage towns,Celbridge.

The birthplace of Arthur Guinness is now the best place to get low cost quality used bikes and the only place in County Kildare you can buy DEMA bikes (Which come with lifetime warranty and a full year of free servicing)

All our used bikes and trade ins are fully serviced and 100% mechanically sound. And we do take trade ins against used bikes as well as new. So there’s no better time to drag your old clunker out of the shed and fix it up or trade it in.

Preloved Bikes main reason for existing is Bike Recycling. We love getting our hands dirty and putting unwanted bikes back in tip top shape, ready for a new home.

We do a wide range of repairs and restorations and have put many a ‘Clunker’ back on the road. From a puncture to a 40+ year old Raleigh Chopper respray and rebuild.

For the local and not so local business we have a few great products that are sure to promote your business or brand in ways that will make your customers remember you and give you something that no one else has.

So if there is anything we can help with, please feel free to contact us. We’re always glad to help even if it’s just a bit of advice from our (almost old enough to be) veteran mechanic.

Last but not least, we have a massive selection of parts and accessories available and what we don’t have in stock we can get you the next day because we buy or parts in Ireland ????