Fully Serviced Used Bikes

Guaranteed Bike Repairs & Servicing

All New Bikes Come With Warranty & Free Servicing

About Preloved Bikes

  • Based in Celbridge and County Kildare’s top seller for Dema bicycles.
  • New bikes with lifetime warranty and 1 year free servicing.
  • Fully serviced used bikes and top spec quality new bikes at the best prices.
  • Bike repairs and restorations are fully guaranteed.
  • Member of Celbridge Business Association.

Fully Serviced Used Bikes

Fully serviced used bikes always in stock.

Get up to 25% trade in on used bikes.

Quality New Bikes At Best Prices

All new bikes come with warranty and free servicing.

Bike Repairs

  • Fully guaranteed bike repairs at the best prices around.
  • Free estimates.
  • Bike Servicing From €10.